So you're interested in accessing our WL? Then you should know that everyone is welcome in the Rocketverse, but not everyone is able to earn a spot among the top 488 rockets. Think you can do it? Contact us on any of our social networks and we'll see what you're made of!

It will be announced sufficiently in advance so that the news reaches everyone. The link will be published in the official channels at the moment the sale opens. The estimated date is July/August of this year.

Original 2D art created by artist @Bigdonahiu in a digitally generated hand style using pressure brushes and lots of imagination.

66.67% of the Royalties will support the Community Wallet managed by DobleDAO.

You’ll be notified 24 hours in advance. To participate you’ll need to have at least one SolRockets in your wallet. (You will not appear as a participant if SolRockets is for sale)

It is not a simple collection, it is an intercontinental movement of digital transformation. It will be present in the physical world, with cultural spaces in LATAM and Europe, and in the digital world, with the development of our digital space with our artists as the protagonists of the place.

We will also have an innovative sales platform attached to our community, which humanises the communication between artists and collectors.